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Top 6 Compelling Reasons To Switch From A Manual To Our Automated, Real-Time OEE Software Solution PerformOEE™

Over the last 20 years progressive, global manufacturers having been using our OEE Software PerformOEE™ and Expertise to help them to deliver significantly improved competitiveness and productivity for their business.

I love spreadsheets and use them for both work and personal life. However for some critical tasks like managing the operational performance of a manufacturing company they can introduce serious risks for your business.

Every day the OEEsystems International team engage with manufacturers who have been down the OEE manual and spreadsheet road and have found it to be time consuming, costly, problematic and risky for their business. In this article we outline the top 6 compelling reasons why you should consider switching now from a manual to our automated, accurate, real-time OEE Software solution PerformOEE™.




    1. A Labour Intensive and Costly Exercise – The first problem companies’ cite is the labour intensive and costly nature of collecting and analysing manual OEE data. Typically companies attempt to collect data on paper and then transcribe it into a spreadsheet. This process will take hours even days at a time quickly adding up to weeks if measured on an annual basis. Furthermore it’s all very well collecting the data but you also have to allocate time to analyse it which add further cost. This can mean that data may not be available in time for key review meetings and can result in meetings being delayed or even cancelled. Sound familiar! On the other hand our OEE Software PerformOEE™ will automate the collection of data in real-time saving you time and money, making life easier with more effective use of human resource and skills. It allows you and your team to concentrate on the more important, value added and rewarding tasks leading to a happier and more fulfilled workforce.
    2. Historical data – The next problem they face is that when the manual data is eventually ready for review it is now old, time-lagged and will just report historical losses. The best manufacturers deal with OEE losses before they even happen not after the event. If OEE losses can be predicted they can also be prevented! A simple spreadsheet is just not sophisticated enough to handle this requirement.   PerformOEE™ on the other hand is the fastest, most accurate and reliable form of capturing real-time manufacturing data removing the requirement for operator input and spreadsheets and with the capability to send information “on demand” to your device of choice.
    3. Inaccurate, unreliable, risky data – Another common difficulty is the accuracy and reliability of the data. This is no reflection on the individuals completing the task but as you know a manufacturing environment can be a complex and high speed environment.  The manufacturing team’s key focus is to keep the production line running according to plan so to ask them to manually record issues on the line can be a big ask. There is also usually a very large volume of data to handle so it is only natural that some human error may creep in. A single key stroke mistake or wrong formula can make a significant difference to data output which is being relied upon to make some significant business decisions. The problem here is if the data cannot be relied upon then the chances are it won’t be used.
    4. Graphical Presentation will win every time. – It is a well-known and proven fact that people react and engage better to pictures and graphics rather than large amounts of numbers. The collation of manual OEE data typically leads to a “paper mountain”. So you have processed and analysed your data but now how do you now present it to your team in a format that will provide real insight for decision making, will engage and influence your audience and can be easily interpreted and understood by all. PerformOEE™ provides unlimited, interactive, customised reports & dashboards to suit the needs of all members of the manufacturing and wider company teams.
    5. Manual OEE = Topline OEE . – So, you might ask what is Topline OEE? A Topline OEE Score is just that your current OEE Productivity Score as measured by your manual data collection process. Let’s say it’s 60%, so you are losing 40%. Now what? A spreadsheet just won’t have the power or intelligence to do much more than that. So how are you going to improve this score, reduce losses and make the required impact to bottom line?  PerformOEE™ is a powerful, intelligent solution that, with the click of a button will provide complete visibility into your production processes and provide you with a continuous stream of root-cause losses to focus on and fix.
    6. Return On Investment – And finally, manual collection of OEE data by spreadsheet is a significant investment of time, money and resources. Furthermore given the issues already outlined you would have to ask how long it will be before you start to see the benefits of your efforts with increased OEE scores, improved bottom line and the return on your investment. The Return on Investment on PerformOEE™ will be less than 6 months and in some cases just weeks. And, unlike a manual process or spreadsheet you can also easily integrate our software with other disparate manufacturing systems combining business and operational analytics to drive financial improvements and make real impacts.

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