Real-time Data Collection

Online provides interfaces for both manual and automatic data capture mechanisms and OEE Losses are captured in a standardised format, improving data accuracy and integrity.

The PerformOEE Online module is designed to capture the real-time status of manufacturing equipment (or process) quickly, easily and accurately.

On screen performance feedback provides the crucial information for process engineers and operators to take immediate action to improve OEE performance.

PeformOEE Software provides the following methods of Real-time data collection as standard into the software:

PLC Connectivity

The most popular method for data collection on equipment is to connect directly with equipment PLC(s) using the Industry standard OPC interfaces. The client can use their own preferred OPC Server software and we provide the OPC Client as part of our Software solution.

PLC Relays Module

For older equipment that do not have a PLC built-in,you can still take advantage of a micro PLC (e.g. Micrologix) into which relays (e.g. tower light signals) can be wired. In addition sensors can be connected. This enables the collection of Counts and basic signals relating to downtime that can be reassigned if required on the Operator Interface.

Application / Historians

In many cases we can also integrate with existing applications such as OSIsoft, Aspen IP.21, Werum and similar type systems through either a OPC standard interface which many of these products have or in many cases directly from their data source utilising our PerformADC connector.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Another option for software controlled equipment or MES type systems would be to leverage off the PerformOEE API interface to send related information to the OEE Software.

Manual Data Entry

The PerformOEE software can also be used in a manual data entry mode where OEE data can be manually recorded.

Pick n Mix !

With all these connectivity capabilities you can mix the technologies for each Work Centre and even within Work Centres. For example, PLC can provide counts and alarms via , Product Information might be fed through the Application Programming interface and additional quality loss events might be manually recorded (e.g. after visual inspection).

About Arthur Stone


As CEO of OEEsystems International Arthur is committed to providing our global manufacturing customers with the very best competitive manufacturing intelligence tools to improve their manufacturing process performance as they strive to achieve operational excellence – increasing output, improving efficiencies, eliminating waste and reducing the costs of manufactured products.

Arthur firmly believes that the key to delivering tangible results from manufacturing improvement initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma is the availability of accurate and timely information on how the production processes are performing, identifying the real issues and opportunities and driving performance improvement in real-time.

With over 25 years´ experience in Senior Engineering, Operations and Technology Management roles with international manufacturing companies in Ireland and the US, and an Engineering Degree from University College Cork, Arthur has driven several Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma initiatives in high-volume and high-technology manufacturing environments.

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