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PerformOEE™ Responds to COVID-19 | OEEsystems

Helping You Make Product Faster - Be Smart Factory Ready

Together, we are facing truly unprecedented times and the global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of our families and businesses. We would like to acknowledge the phenomenal response of the manufacturing community during this current crisis. Whether you are making food to feed the world, critical care products like ventilators, personal protective equipment, hand sanitiser, medicines and the packaging to put them in, we thank you.

We understand that right now some manufacturers are experiencing very high demand for product, others, for now, have reduced demand.  Our customers are using our Smart Factory OEE Software to make product faster, more efficiently and benefiting from visibility of on-site performance from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  Some businesses are taking the opportunity to accelerate Smart Factory projects so they will be in a stronger position when plant operations return to normal or if something like this happens ever happens again.  Others understandably are not in a position to move forward.

Here is how we support manufacturers during these unprecedented times:

Increased Capacity with Reduced Resources

In most cases plants are operating with a reduced workforce and equipment availability. We help our customers to increase productivity by reducing unplanned downtime and increasing quality yields. 

Unparalleled Accessibility & Visibility of your Plant from Anywhere

Plant managers and their colleagues can monitor plant-wide performance of every machine, every cell, every line from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Reduced Costs

Each hour of unplanned downtime carries substantial cost implications. Typically, our solution will deliver reductions of up to 15% in unplanned downtime resulting in substantial cost savings for the business.

Project Scoping & Installation

We love meeting our customers but if required, our installations can be delivered remotely. With access to a dedicated Account Manager and team of Senior Application & Development Engineers, we're more than ready to guide you on your Smart Factory OEE Journey.

Quick & Straightforward Implementation

We will get you up & running quickly & efficiently with live performance data. Our team will scope, plan and manage the entire process with you from start to finish, collaborating, guiding and mentoring.

Training & Support

Training, as required, can be carried out remotely through various digital channels. With extensive supporting documentation and a full Support Team that are never more than a phone call away.

If you need to manufacture faster now or would like to start a Smart Factory conversation for the future,
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What our Customers say!

"Now that my time working from home has significantly increased the ability to use PerformOEE™ to remotely monitor & control manufacturing at the plant has proved invaluable. With live process data available on any device at any time, I have full visibility of what is going on & I can make important real-time, data driven decisions."

Food Plant Manufacturing Manager

"PerformOEE ™ functionality such as Email Performance Alerts has been very important.  The system is predictive. When I get an email alerting me to a potential performance issue I can jump on the phone before it becomes a major problem.  I also find the ability to monitor performance and trends across shifts and other plants very helpful."

MedTech Engineering Manager

"Our business has seen unprecedented increase in demand for our product. With a reduced workforce and equipment availability we have had to do more with less. The PerformOEE ™ system has proved a great investment as even with reduced resources it has helped us to increase capacity, improve productivity and product out the door by 25%"

Pharmaceutical Operations Manager

A Message from Our CEO

As we all adapt to our new "offices" our CEO, Arthur Stone has the following message to share with you, our customers & partners.


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