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OEE Performance Management Software and Expertise combined.

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Performance Management Software to reduce costs


Performance Management Software to increase output


Performance Management Software to improve competitiveness


OEEsystems International & PerformOEE™ help progressive, global, manufacturing companies to improve competitiveness, increase output, reduce costs and deliver business performance excellence.

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Improve Productivity with less effort, less cost and less waste.

We find many manufacturers are using manual, time-lagged, time-consuming, unreliable data collection methods such as paper and spreadsheets. They are looking for the tools and expertise to help them make better products with less effort, less cost and less waste, using existing resources.

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PerformOEE™ detects the root causes that have the greatest impact on your business performance.

PerformOEE™ is an automated, accurate, real-time data collection software solution which will provide you with superior process visibility on any device, the ability to accurately track losses and highlights a continuous stream of opportunities to focus on and fix.

PerformOEE_Smart Factory Software


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OEE Improvements of between 10 - 30% and R.O.I. within 6 months.

Typically our customers experience OEE improvements in productivity of between 10% and 30%. PerformOEE™ will help you gain better control of your manufacturing processes by highlighting performance issues in real time & enabling your manufacturing teams to respond in the right way.

OEE Software Testimonials

In all, we achieved a 29% increase in output and a corresponding 20% increase in OEE. This success led us to implement PerformOEE™ across all our lines.

Rob George, Asset Care Manager,
CooperVision UK

OEE Software Case Study

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Our OEE score has increased by more than 10% and is on track to deliver the same again over the next twelve months.

Pete Twiss, Site Manager,
Müller Wiseman Dairies

OEE Software Case Study

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