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Real-Time Production Monitoring and Control

Real-Time Production Monitoring and Control

Real-time performance management | PerformOEE Smart Factory Software

Real-Time Production Monitoring and Control

PerformOEE™ gives you real-time Production Monitoring & Control by highlighting production performance issues and enabling your team to respond in the right way.

As your team becomes more proactive, issues are managed more effectively or eliminated entirely.

Features include slow running detection, APQ and OEE performance, OEE Loss and live time-analysis display, product current state.

Advanced analytics bar chart graph to further assist to analyze OEE metrics

Continuous Improvement Analytics Dashboard

PerformOEE™ supports Continuous Improvement with its ‘click-as-you-think’ Big Data drilldown capability.

Our ‘Follow the Data’ approach identifies your improvement opportunities.

Our CPC Module enables your improvement teams to ‘Lock in your Gains’.

A visual display of important kpis being tracked in the software

Visual Smart Factory Departmental KPI Displays

PerformOEE™ Spotlight delivers Visual Factory for your Manufacturing Operations enabling the deployment of fit-for-purpose displays in your key Manufacturing and Support Departments.

This enables your team to become more proactive and respond to issues in the right way. Example screens such as current process status, project target status, breaches and CPC trending status.

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Real-time Production order Management | PerformOEE Smart Factory Software

Downtime, Quality & Order Tracking delivering MES

Order Tracking & Downtime tracking as part of Real-time monitoring throughout your process. PerformOEE™ collects data from equipment and integrated systems while also empowering the user to record additional information.

Features include user instructions, downtime tracking with root cause identification, quality monitoring, shift-log notes and actions, automated alerts & notifications,  Short Interval Control & CPC Alerting with escalation.

Waterfall information in graph form representing equipment connectivity and IT architecture

Equipment Connectivity & IT Architecture

We understand the challenges you face when trying to design a complete OEE solution and that software is one of the key pieces.

Talk to us about your OEE Project and speak with our system architects in relation to challenges such as Equipment Connectivity, IT Architecture, Cloud or on-Premise and integrations with other systems.

We’ve been through it so many times we hope can help you make faster progress.

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Our Approach – The Science of Manufacturing

Our Methodology, The Science of Manufacturing, is a set of 10 proven principles, combining technical innovation with a focus on people and culture.

Our easy to read pocket guide, combined with our periodical eSeries articles can help you deliver successful Continuous Improvement programs through data driven technical and cultural development.

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