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What is OEE Software?

OEE Software is a highly effective Business Performance Management Tool, which critically evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) provides a continuous improvement process that can be used on single and multiple production lines and from one to a number of plants in a group-wide structure. It is suitable for all types of manufacturing processes including discrete, continuous, or bulk. Put simply “The best OEE Software measures the gap between the actual performance and the potential performance of a manufacturing unit.”

The industry's preferred OEE Software Solution

With real-time insights at your fingertips, PerformOEE™ offers complete visibility of your production processes.

Monitor and improve your OEE with data driven insights that identify, highlight and communicate performance issues in real-time.

Track performance from the start of each shift and use customizable reporting with interactive charts to drive continuous improvement.

OEE Software from The OEE People​

Whether you are trying to gain more visibility of your processes, focus on improvements or deliver transformational change within your business, PerformOEE™ Smart Factory Software is the only tool you’ll ever need.

Your OEE Software Solution Options with PerformOEE™

Real-Time Production Monitoring and Control

PerformOEE™ gives you real-time Production Monitoring & Control by highlighting production performance issues and enabling your team to respond in the right way. As your team becomes more proactive, issues are managed more effectively or eliminated entirely. Features include slow running detection, APQ and OEE performance, OEE Loss and live time-analysis display, product current state.

Continuous Improvement Analytics Dashboard

PerformOEE™ supports Continuous Improvement with its ‘click-as-you-think’ Big Data drilldown capability. Our ‘Follow the Data’ approach identifies your improvement opportunities. Our CPC Module enables your improvement teams to ‘Lock in your Gains’.

Visual Smart Factory Departmental KPI Displays

PerformOEE™ Spotlight delivers Visual Factory for your Manufacturing Operations enabling the deployment of fit-for-purpose displays in your key Manufacturing and Support Departments. This enables your team to become more proactive and respond to issues in the right way. Example screens such as current process status, project target status, breaches, and CPC trending status.

Downtime Tracking with Quality Control & Order Progress

Downtime, Quality & Order tracking as part of real-time monitoring throughout your process, delivering all the functionality of MES with these added benefits. PerformOEE™ collects data from equipment, and integrated systems while also empowering the user to record additional information. Features include user instructions, downtime tracking with root cause identification, quality monitoring, shift-log notes and actions, automated alerts & notifications, Short Interval Control & CPC Alerting with escalation.

OPC & MQTT Equipment Connectivity

We understand the challenges you face when trying to design a complete OEE solution and that software is one of the key pieces. Being cloud based lets you track your performance measurements on a variety of mobile devices. Our software solution gives you real time alerts to keep your process sharp. Talk to us about your OEE Project and speak with our system architects in relation to challenges such as Equipment Connectivity (OPC and/or MQTT), IT Architecture, Cloud or on-Premise and integrations with other systems. We’ve been through it so many times we hope can help you make faster progress.

Our Approach – The Science of Manufacturing

Our Methodology is a set of 10 proven principles combining technical innovation with a focus on people and culture, helping you deliver successful Continuous Improvement programs through data-driven technical and cultural development.

Take control of your manufacturing operations and drive efficiency with PerformOEE™.

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What does OEE software do?

OEE is considered the gold standard when it comes to measuring equipment efficiency. It helps to measure how much of your manufacturing time is being used effectively by giving you a score based on several factors; quality, performance, and availability. This score ranges from 0% all the way to 100%.

A score of 100% means that your overall equipment effectiveness is top-notch and your processes are streamlined to the point that there is little to no downtime or waste. Operating at full capacity is the goal as this can allow improvements in line efficiency and product quality.

The loss analysis will collect data so that you can analyze OEE metrics to monitor performance loss. This could be in the form of data collection for a particular time frame, where you have set a benchmark for performance. If you have the data to improve OEE, especially by leveraging IIoT enabled devices, you should grab every available opportunity to improve upon your business success.

You can view real time data using effective OEE solutions but you can also review the historical trends of your overall equipment effectiveness on a desktop or mobile device. This can help to reduce future labor costs and availability loss, as you will not need to further reduce downtime in the future for machine maintenance.

OEE software helps by using real time data capture (with real time visibility) to accurately track a number of extremely valuable metrics with the end goal of allowing you to see actionable insights that can improve yield and run time (cycle time), which in turn will improve production.

Smart Factory OEE Software suitable for all users

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How OEE Software Helps Your Manufacturing Operations

OEE software is used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers to continuously optimize their production processes and add improvements to their factory floor machine availability to boost productivity. Whether you’re a small manufacturer with a single factory or a globally recognized business, implementing OEE software solutions to your business provides many tangible benefits:
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used to analyze existing processes.
  • Accumulate production data that can be used to make more informed decisions.
  • Businesses have a straightforward path to pursue maximum production efficiency.
  • Visualize OEE data with grouped metrics that show how to improve production.
  • Identify problematic areas that need improvement with sophisticated reports.
  • Real time alerts help to preemptively spot upcoming issues before they happen.
  • Gain deeper insights that are used for measuring manufacturing productivity.
OEE software works by helping countless manufacturers around the world take an objective look at their processes, which allows them to gain a valuable insight on how they can measure productivity, increase efficiency, and increase production. This is something that could take weeks or months to analyze if performed manually. With sophisticated tools that can analyze your equipment from a single interface, OEE software can provide a huge competitive edge over other companies and enables continuous improvement.
The advanced analytics from the data gathered delivers key benefits to spot issues before they arise. This can be in the form of equipment malfunctions, slow cycles, production losses, and many other important factors that could have a negative effect on planned production time. Spotting these types of issues early can allow you to obtain an ideal cycle time in order to reach important KPIs.

What are the three pillars of OEE software?

OEE software seeks to help businesses in three important areas; quality, performance, and availability. 


The overall quality of your final product. There may be situations where your manufacturing equipment isn’t up to your quality standards. Perhaps your machines are configured incorrectly, maybe there are certain areas of the process which are holding your production back, or perhaps there are defects caused by operator errors.


Refers to any factors that could affect the expected performance of your production process. If you are failing to reach 100% production, then it could indicate a number of issues. Perhaps your machines are not performing at expected levels, maybe you have overestimated your production efficiency, or maybe there is a lot of idle time in regards to your machine availability.


This covers any time that is lost due to unplanned stoppages. For instance, it could be caused by complete equipment failure, or it could be due to operators taking too long to make adjustments to the settings of a machine. A capacity analysis allows you to view optional machine run-time.

If you manage to achieve 100% in all three of these areas, then it means that your total effective equipment performance has been carefully optimized, your machines are maintained correctly, and your staff is well-trained. This is a great sign because it means your factories are working at optimal levels with minimal downtime and interruptions. However, if your OEE software reports anything lower than 100%, then it’s a sign that you need to step in and take action. Harnessing the power of OEE solutions is particularly popular within the food and beverage industry to improve upon their production line and ensure that their machinery is outputting the best possible results.

Just Some Of Our OEE Software Benefits

Industry 4.0
OEE Pareto
TEEP, OEE Gross & OEE Net Models
Downtime & Order Tracking
Downtime Reassignment
Corrective & Preventative Actions
Real-time Automated Collection of Rejects, Alarms, Warnings & Settings
Operator & Technician Instructions
Shift Log Notes Recording & Reporting
Shift Handover Dashboard
Live Plant Floor / Line Status View
Quality Compliance Checklist
Production Review Dashboard
Departmental Review Dashboards
Loss Detail Drilldown Trends & Analytics
Historical & Trend reporting & Analytics
MTBF & MTTR Metrics
CMMS Integration
Scrap Recording
In Process Reject Tracking
Start-up Reject Tracking
Continuous Process Control
Short Interval Control
Changeover Matrix & Turnaround Time Analysis
OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency)
Improvement Dashboards
APQ & OEE Analysis
Financial Analysis

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The Biggest Losses To Your Manufacturing Equipment

OEE software is used to optimize your discrete manufacturing processes, but where are the biggest and most common losses?

Setup time can gradually eat into your efficiency. Production lines may take some time to initially set up, but they can also take time to switch to a new product or role. Any time that your production lines aren’t working is time that could be optimized. Setup can also include the time spent re-configuring a machine to suit its production needs. Equipment failure is another common loss for companies. Equipment failures refer to any situation where equipment stops working. This can also be called unplanned downtime. When something breaks or needs to be re-configured, it takes a lot of time to return something to a workable state. This is even more difficult when parts aren’t readily available, resulting in longer machine outages than expected.

Lowered yield can occur when the usage of your raw materials and resources isn’t optimized before it turns into a final product. If your production line creates a lot of scrap material and waste, then an OEE software solution can measure the reduced yield and seek ways to help you optimize the final yield without resulting in a loss of quality. Reduced speed happens when equipment runs slower than planned. This may be due to incorrect configurations, it could be equipment wearing out, and it might even be caused by low-quality resources. Other factors such as operator inexperience and poor maintenance may also play a role in reduced production speed. Remember, your equipment efficiency is incredibly important.

These are some of the biggest losses that companies tend to face. Optimizing these areas can be much easier with the help of an effective OEE software solution. By taking advantage of the OEE data generated by your production processes, you can achieve much higher operational efficiency which ultimately boosts productivity and increases production.



PerformOEE™ is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly, quality data solution for managing real time operational performance improvement.



An automated, accurate, real-time data collection OEE software solution providing complete process visibility across any device.



Up and running in weeks, with immediate gains of between 5% and 10%

Achieving a greater return on your investment

Production lines can be incredibly expensive to build and maintain. It’s a massive business investment, so it makes sense that we’d want to quickly see a return on our investment. Unfortunately, keeping track of this with traditional systems is virtually impossible. But now that OEE software solutions are readily available and easy to integrate into modern production systems, it helps you get a deeper insight into your ROI.

OEE software will help manufacturers identify the best areas to invest in. With sophisticated calculations that take different data points into consideration, companies will have an easier time comparing different pieces of equipment, workflow optimizations, and also measure the financial value of different expenses. OEEsystems very proudly ensure compliance standards.

Now is the perfect time to get your production environment ready with monitoring software to improve overall equipment efficiency using a modular solution to monitor production and performance data with real-time manufacturing analytics.

Lowering your operating costs

We also can’t forget about the money-saving benefits of using OEE software. Production lines utilize extremely complex and sophisticated devices that are certainly not cheap. However, OEE software could help you identify issues in the manufacturing process so you know exactly where and when a failure occurs. This will help you repair issues before they have a chance to manifest into something much worse.

With an optimized production process and pre-emptive warnings for all of your most important machines, it becomes much easier to reduce your overall operating costs. Boost your equipment effectiveness and reach maximum productivity with the help of a sophisticated OEE software solution.

Embracing lean manufacturing

At its core, the goal of OEE software is to maximize productivity through digital transformation. The manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt OEE software solutions in the past, but those habits are already starting to change.

Lean manufacturing is the idea of eliminating waste from the manufacturing process. Anything that does not add value to the final product is considered waste. Lowered yields often occur because of poor equipment effectiveness, a lack of critical data to support OEE software, and poor manufacturing productivity. In order to boost production and prevent lost production time, companies must be willing to adopt lean solutions by analyzing their business and driving improvement.

How is OEE Calculated?

OEE is a closed-loop metric measuring the 3 critical manufacturing components of Availability, Performance and Quality. It is a measure of the number of good units produced compared to the quantity which should be produced based on the scheduled time and the specified equipment rate. An OEE score is represented as a %.

The preferred way to calculate OEE is: OEE% = Availability x Performance x Quality