ROI Calculator for OEE Software

Calculate your ROI from OEE Software

Use our ROI calculator to estimate the potential gains you can expect to achieve when you invest in PerformOEE™ SFE, our OpEx OEE Software Solution.

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Don't Delay in Delivering ROI

One of the most important objectives of any business is to maintain a competitive advantage. For every day that you continue to do nothing and "put off" implementing PerformOEE™ productivity losses, waste and missed improvement opportunities continue to pile up. Don't let this be you!

It is important to remember that every business is different and for this reason our ROI calculator delivers a result that can be considered conservative. While our experience shows that clients can expect an average of more than 30% overall OEE improvement, the result can be much higher depending on various factors, process type and the OEE % starting point.

For this reason, we suggest speaking to us about our 30 day Trial and OEE Pilot offers.

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