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Calculate your ROI from OEE Software

Never underestimate the power of insight to help you make smarter business decisions. Our OEE software is designed to give you the data you need to help improve efficiency, reduce losses and get more out of your business. And our OEE ROI calculator can help you work out the impact our software could have on your business.

Investing in our OpEx OEE solution, can help you gain some valuable insights to improve the performance and efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

Explore our handy ROI calculator and see where your business could land when you use PerformOEE™. ​

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PerformOEE™ - your connection to better operational performance

Our OEE software helps unlock your business’s potential, so that you can drive results and make better decisions for the future of your business. 

Some of the key benefits of PerformOEE™ include:

  • Real-time data collection on manufacturing performance – your ‘shop floor’ insight
  • RootMap™ intelligent mapping to translate data into easy-to-understand language for simpler reporting and decision-making.
  • Works on both an individual plant level and enterprise level to help monitor performance in different locations, and even across time zones.
  • Helps to monitor output across the production shift to track hourly targets, output performance, and even reporting on yield problems, scrap and rework. This helps to highlight your best cycle time and calculates the actual and achievable OEE rates for each line and product based on multiple factors.
  • Unlimited customized reports and dashboards aimed at different users, including Continuous Improvement, Production, Maintenance, Quality & Finance Managers.
  • Monitor performance trends over time. 
  • Financial analysis to provide detailed insight into potential losses caused by downtime, changeovers, scrap and more.
  • Receive performance alters and loss warnings, helping you take swift action to remedy problems on the shop floor.

These are just some of the many tools and productivity benefits that come with PerformOEE™. Want to know more? Explore our functionality overview for further details on how our software can benefit you.

How does our calculator work out your ROI OEE?

Investing in any new product or software poses a risk for businesses. How do you know that our OEE software will provide the return on investment you need to justify the cost of your purchase?

This is where our handy return on investment calculator comes in. Our simple tool helps you explore your potential gains from optimizing your OEE, helping you to see its value. Taking your existing output and profits per unit, our tool can calculate the potential OEE increase you could see if you start making improvements to your factory processes, using the same output.

Adjust your calculation to view the potential ROI based on your unique requirements

Our smart OEE calculation tool will help you toggle various factors to help you see how improving OEE can produce better profits for your business. See your OEE increases, production increases, and most importantly, your potential gross profit increase. Having this insight for your company could be exactly what’s needed to aid your OEE improvement strategy.

Reduce production costs, improve equipment effectiveness and more with our OEE software

An investment in OEE improvement helps your company experience many benefits, from overall equipment effectiveness to increased sales. Most of our clients make their investment in PerformOEE™ in six months, providing significant ROI in comparison to the cost of the software.

While every business is different, our ROI calculator provides an overview of the potential value of our software to your business. You’ll be able to estimate your potential increases and report the ROI of OEE to your superiors.

The benefits of OEE software far outweigh the cost, helping your business achieve more and make essential improvements to production operations and even improve the quality of your output. Results from our existing clients show a 30% improvement in OEE, although this could be higher depending on unique factors relating to your business.

Start your 30-day free trial

Our OEE ROI calculator provides some valuable insights into how OEE software can improve productivity upon implementation. Our calculator is just an estimate, but you can take an additional step to understand the value of investing in PerformOEE™.

We recommend you start our 30-day free trial to put the results of our calculator into action, helping you enjoy a fully-functioning trial before you decide to invest. You will get access to support and can learn more about how our OEE tool works before deciding if the cost is worth the benefits.

Speak to our team about starting your free trial or OEE pilot offer.

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