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PerformOEE - OEE Software driving Overall Equipment Effectiveness improvement

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 About OEEsystems International and why we are passionate about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  OEE Case Study for Nicholas and Harris

PerformOEE™ and PerformAPS™ is the premier Manufacturing Intelligence and Performance Management software application, used by world class regulated manufacturing companies as their preferred application for managing real-time operational performance improvement

OEE Software from the OEE experts

OEEsystems International work with high volume, global manufacturing companies such as Coopervision, GE Healthcare and Solvay who all have a very strong focus on Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement programs.



We find that our clients across the world are all faced with the same challenges to deliver cost reductions, capacity increases and quality improvements for their business.

By taking a partnership approach with our clients, we help them overcome these challenges through providing an OEE Software (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) called PerformOEE™ which is the best in class automated Manufacturing Intelligence solution that delivers real-time business performance improvements and supports Operational Excellence.

And we know our solutions work – just ask our customers who use our OEE Software - typically they will experience operational efficiency improvements of between 10% and 30% within the first 6 months.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Operational Excellence from OEEsystems

PerformOEE is the OEE Software solution of choice for Regulated Manufacturing Companies
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