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OEEsystems International provide Manufacturing Performance Management software solutions to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies to improve competitiveness, increase output, reduce costs and deliver business performance excellence.

Our global Customers are all faced with the same challenges to deliver cost reductions, capacity increases and quality improvements for their business.

Across multiple industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Construction and many different manufacturing processes (Discrete Manufacturing, Bulk and Continuous Processing), our Customers use our OEE Software  - PerformOEE™ to overcome these challenges.

By using OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as a critical Business Metric in conjunction with our software PerformOEETM  typically our customers experience operational efficiency gains of between 10% and 30% within the first six months.

If you are not using OEE  as a Production Management Performance Metric then you are missing out on the impact of one of the most influential Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Production Management.

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Nicholas & Harris OEE Case Study


 About OEEsystems International and why we are passionate about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
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  OEE Case Study for Nicholas and Harris
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