OEEsystems + MaintMaster

OEEsystems + MaintMaster

Together, OEEsystems and MaintMaster aim to enhance manufacturing operations and drive manufacturing excellence by enabling maintenance and production teams to collaborate more closely than ever before. This collaboration will not only improve workflow efficiency but also foster real-time communication, cooperation and mutual interconnectivity.

MaintMaster recently acquired OEEsystems. The combination of OEEsystems’ PerformOEE™ and MaintMaster’s CMMS offers customers a holistic approach to managing their operations, covering both production efficiency and equipment maintenance. Together, these complimentary systems will enhance data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement, improving reliability, performance and efficiency.

Continuous Customer Commitment

Our goal to empower progressive manufacturers to increase capacity, reduce costs, improve quality and drive continuous improvement is as much in the forefront of our minds as ever before. Our innovative Science of Manufacturing approach continues to empower teams to control, improve and transform their manufacturing operations.

Now, with OEEsystems + MaintMaster, you can reach new heights of manufacturing excellence.


Key Benefits for our Customers

  • Enhance decision-making and boost operational efficiency by seamlessly unifying data from MaintMaster and PerformOEE™ across production and maintenance for superior manufacturing performance.
  • Increase uptime, improve product quality and reduce costs through better equipment reliability, efficiently allocated resources, streamlined processes and a strongly inter-connected workforce.
  • Empower teams with accurate, timely and precise information to enhance maintenance & production practices with a connected system that’s easy to use.
  • Drive continuous improvement by leveraging the expertise of industry leaders in OEE, manufacturing and maintenance, fast-tracking your operations towards Manufacturing Excellence.

"Joining MaintMaster was an easy decision. Both companies possess great knowledge in their specific areas and are dedicated to their customers. This will add a new dimension to what both our companies can offer the market, and we are looking forward to the journey ahead."

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS, or Computerised Maintenance Management System, is a crucial tool for modern maintenance departments within any enterprise.

This sophisticated software streamlines maintenance operations, enabling teams to efficiently manage work orders, maintain assets, and implement preventive maintenance schedules. Essential for optimising departmental activities, CMMS software is a fundamental resource for enhancing maintenance efficiency and reliability.

Who Needs CMMS

Industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, construction and transportation rely heavily on CMMS. In environments where physical infrastructure is essential, CMMS plays a key role in ensuring operational continuity and efficiency.

Why Choose MaintMaster Maintenance Software?

  • Comprehensive maintenance scheduling and tracking.
  • Real-time data for better decision-making.
  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Scalable for all manufacturing sizes

Key Features of MaintMaster CMMS

Visual Asset Navigation

Visualise your facilities, departments and assets through detailed images.

Simply click on the desired location and the MaintMaster maintenance software guides you to your destination.

Delve deeper into specific parts for additional details at a glance. With picture navigation, navigating your asset inventory becomes intuitively simple.

Maintenance Scheduling

Efficiently Organize Your Maintenance.

The scheduling tool enables comprehensive organisation of your maintenance tasks, balancing both the overall view with detailed specifics.

Monitor job distribution by department or by time, and apply filters to any data inputted into the MaintMaster maintenance software.

Easily visualise your maintenance plans on a calendar for streamlined scheduling and planning.

Simplified Shortcuts

Streamline Every Role.

Prioritising context over tools, MaintMaster’s smart shortcuts highlight the essential functions needed for each task.

Equip your technicians with three dedicated buttons for reporting corrective, improvement and preventive maintenance. Enable efficient planning and reporting with just a click, ensuring every task is simple and more effective.

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