OEE Software Evaluation Information Pack

This Software evaluation pack includes the following white papers:

PerformOEE™ - 50 Frequently Asked Questions

This InfoSheet is intended to answer the most common questions frequently asked about PerformOEE™ Manufacturing Intelligence and Performance Management Software

OEE Software - Buy versus Build?

This infosheet examines the arguments for and against buying or building an OEE Software Solution.

OEE Software Selection Scorecard

OEE Software Selection Scorecard
This white paper is intended as a guide for professionals in progressive manufacturing industries who are searching for software to improve Production Improvements using OEE as a key metric. It provides a balanced scorecard, identifying the essential criteria and features to ensure that you find the best software for your OEE Program.

Muller Wiseman Dairies

This Case Study outlines the experience of Muller Wiseman Dairies in selecting and implementing an OEE Performance Management Software solution for their state-of-the-art dairy at Bridgwater in Somerset, UK.

Enterprise Performance Analysis

This Information Sheet outlines the approach to using OEE to analyse and compare the performance of manufacturing plants across the enterprise.

PerformOEE™ - Product Evaluation Request

OEEsystems offer a fully functional evaluation version of PerformOEE™.
We offer a thirty-day evaluation on one manufacturing line to allow users experience the powerful information reporting, decision-support analysis and ease-of-use of PerformOEE™

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OEE Software Testimonials

Through PerformOEE™, we’re actually getting the clarity and visibility we need to granulize and address various performance management issues.

John Heydon, Operations Director,
Nicholas & Harris, Finsbury Foods

OEE Software Case Study

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Our OEE score has increased by more than 10% and is on track to deliver the same again over the next twelve months.

Pete Twiss, Site Manager,
Müller Wiseman Dairies

OEE Software Case Study

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