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  • Under pressure to get good units produced?
  • Lacking performance visibility or dealing with poor data reliability?
  • Navigating different data sources & opinions to make decisions?
  • Struggling to make timely “shift-saving” interventions?
  • Continuous Improvement Projects underperforming?

Using real-time data from your production line, our OEE Audit will give you a glimpse of what your operations look like through the lens of PerformOEE™.

With no software or configuration costs, our 2-day OEE Audit is the hassle free way to try the industry’s preferred OEE Software Solution for yourself. 

What can you expect?

  • 2 days of automated data from your machines
  • Benchmark current production performance & efficiency
  • Identify your scope for process improvement
  • Assess the potential real-time performance evaluation offers
  • Experience a “day in the life” of PerformOEE™ configured to your plant

Post Audit, our findings will be presented back to you as a comprehensive report detailing the data-driven insights identified by PerformOEE™ leaving you with a thorough understanding of what our software can deliver for you in your plant.

PerformOEE™ is an automated, accurate, real-time data collection software solution that helps you, as a manufacturer, measure the efficiency of your operational processes. 

By tracking output in real-time, PerformOEE™ will continuously monitor your productivity, line by line, shift by shift, tracking it against hourly targets and delivering up-to-date performance insights coupled with in-depth reporting & analysis.

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