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OEE Software Selection

Selecting the right OEE software for your business is vital and difficult. For many organisations the selection of an OEE solution is very different to other solutions such as ERP or MES. This is because the power of an OEE solution is not fully appreciated by all key stakeholders.

In fact, in many of the cases that we have been involved in, Manufacturing Managers across the world are under pressure to deliver cost reductions and capacity increases for their businesses. More often than not even the stakeholders in OEE haven’t been clearly identified and this can result in poor software selection.

In OEEsystems International we score extremely high with companies who have learnt the hard way! Many have developed their own internal solution and then realised the scope is much wider than they thought! Others have procured an entry level type system or a “bolt-on” system to an existing enterprise system and found that they’re are all lacking in key functionality.

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In the white paper provided we have compared four products on the market against what we consider are key criteria headings (there are also many more).

Feel free to download the White Paper below and we look forward to hearing from you !

About the Author

Andrew Rice


Operational Excellence (OpEx) OEE Specialist, OEEsystems International

Andrew Rice is an Operational Excellence OEE Specialist providing OpEx OEE solutions to progressive manufacturers looking to implement significant culture change in their organisation as part of their Continuous Improvement and Lean initiatives. Holding a BSc in Applied Mathematics & Computing from the University of Limerick and with over 2 decades of systems development and implementation experience, he demonstrates an ability to adapt quickly and innovatively in a fast paced and ever evolving environment. 

He has enjoyed working across a variety of industries within the manufacturing sector including Food & Bev., Medical Devices, Electronics and Pharma.

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