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How OEE can help you improve your Lean & Sustainable Manufacturing K.P.I.’s

Did you know that at least 40% of planned production time is wasted?

A typical manufacturing plant only uses 60% of planned production time effectively leaving a substantial 40% going to waste. The main areas affected include equipment, energy, water, raw material, product and human resources. These losses can present significant challenges when it comes to managing Lean and Sustainability K.P.I’s.

“While it has many functions, the core role of OEE and premium OEE software solution (PerformOEE™) is to provide you with an in-depth insight into your entire manufacturing process” says Arthur Stone, OEEsystems International CEO and OEE expert.” Put simply, OEE measures the gap between the actual performance and the potential performance of a manufacturing unit and focusses on the elimination of waste. It also enables you to drive the improvement of your manufacturing K.P.I’s”.

Increasingly, a significant number of manufacturers are realising the considerable environmental and competitive benefits from Sustainable Manufacturing practices. This has led to the appointment of Senior Sustainability Managers and Directors across the sector. In addition, companies now consider a suppliers green and competitive credentials as a key factor when choosing who to do business with.

“As a consequence, the world’s most competitive and progressive manufacturing businesses are now using OEE in conjunction with OEE Software solutions to set, verify and achieve measurable and meaningful Lean and Sustainability targets, and most importantly eradicate waste” says Stone.


8 Ways OEEsystems International and PerformOEE™ can improve the Competitive and Sustainable position of your company.

  1. Minimise the waste of raw material
  2. Reduce energy and water consumption during non-productive time
  3. Reduce waiting time, idling time and downtime
  4. Minimise the time spent doing changeovers
  5. Prevent the equipment running at Sub-optimum Speeds
  6. Reduce the time spent doing rework
  7. Increase capacity and flexibility
  8. Significantly improve staff morale and well-being.

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Leading OEE software solution (PerformOEE™) ensures that all aspects of the manufacturing process are operating to maximum effect. This provides companies with the opportunity to not only improve their sustainability credentials but potentially save millions in bottom line profits.

About the Author

Arthur Stone | CEO OEEsystems


CEO, OEEsystems International

As Chief Executive Officer of OEEsystems International, Arthur Stone delivers Smart Factory OEE Software and expertise to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies. Combining decades of experience in both the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector with his OpEx OEE expertise, Arthur drives OEEsystem’s vision for helping the manufacturing community increase output, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement. Currently Arthur is helping manufacturers understand that a Smart Factory OEE project can also support their Industry 4.0 and IoT strategies. Having successfully shared his insights and enhanced performance improvements across a wide range of industries within the Manufacturing Sector, Arthur has helped customers develop a pragmatic approach to exploit Industry 4.0 opportunities and to implement practical solutions to deliver real, sustained business benefits.

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