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IMPROVE; delivering Operational Excellence

Proactive cultural & technological evolution

A significant indicator that a manufacturing operation is in a strong Continuous Improvement journey can be measured by how much time manufacturing resources are working in a pro-active manner on improvement initiatives and how well real-time issues are managed.

Our Methodology, The Science of Manufacturing, is a set of 10 proven principles, combining technical innovation with a focus on people and culture. In this short video, Arthur Stone, CEO, OEEsystems International discusses how PerformOEE™ Smart Factory Software, combined with our Science of Manufacturing Methodology guarantees the success of your manufacturing business.

In order to experience positive growth or a transformative business impact, a manufacturing operation needs to constantly review, measure and improve their current processes. To do this businesses identify inefficiencies that exist & put the appropriate actions in place to address and remedy them. By deploying MOST of the principles within our Science of Manufacturing Methodology and combining them with our Smart Factory Software, PerformOEE™ you will experience a significant “step” change improvement in productivity and a visible path to operational transformation. This is the core of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory thinking.

The Science of Manufacturing | OEEsystems


Focus on Business Impact (Principle #1) is one of the key principles from our Science of Manufacturing Methodology. It aligns all stakeholders and focuses all teams, (One Team | Principle #2) not only on what improvement opportunities need to be implemented (using both Whole Story | Principle #4) and Follow the Data | Principle #5), but also the expected level of improvement to be attained when these actions are taken (Act on the Data | Principle #6).

A clear improvement plan of action would be a statement along the lines of;

“We are going to increase productivity by 8.2% within the next 6 months by acting on the agreed key improvement issues. Progress and success will be measured against set targets and a Return on Investment will be attributed to each”.

Our Smart Factory OEE Software solution PerformOEE™ provides the assigned improvement teams with powerful and trusted root cause analytics enabling them to identify and benchmark impact opportunities, as well as measure and trend improvements, while taking the agreed continuous improvement actions.

PerformOEE - Smart Factory OEE Software

PerformOEE™ provides the capability to capture and present your findings to your operations teams as your Continuous Improvement journey continues thus supporting our Learn and Evolve Principle (Principle #9).

The Improve phase of your OpEx OEE Continuous Improvement journey accelerates transformation within your operations and provides the confidence and enthusiasm needed to Transform your Manufacturing Operations and Leave a Legacy (Principle #10) of Operational Excellence OEE in your organisation.

Our customers agree, combining our PerformOEE Smart Factory Software with our Science of Manufacturing Methodology instils the confidence & enthusiasm needed to progress your business further.


We work with the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies to increase capacity, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement.

Our unique record of combining our Smart Factory Software PerformOEE™ & our Science of Manufacturing Methodology, delivers powerful visualisation, analysis and real-time control of your manufacturing processes.

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