OEE Dashboard

OEE software gives your manufacturing operation the power to reach its full potential. PerformOEE provides you with a choice of OEE dashboards bursting with features that make it easy to see real-time OEE scores. With our software’s powerful dashboards centred around Shift Handover, Management Review, Engineering & Continuous Improvement, to name but a few, analyzing OEE data has never been simpler to manage.

An OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) dashboard is a production tool that gives you a visual representation of each OEE score. Our real-time data dashboard, called Plantwatch, is the ideal visual aid delivering instant productivity information per machine, line or measure point. Viewing essential data streams on your shop floor means you have better oversight and can monitor key metrics such as downtime reasons and machine performance.

When you use an OEE dashboard, it can give you an overview of individual machine performance, a particular department, or the whole shop floor. You can configure your dashboard to present you with the data you need most for informed decision-making.

What Your Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard Can Do For You

Digital OEE dashboards are the solution that you need if you want to track shift progress, monitor operational efficiency, and keep watch of many machines at once. Instead of having to have multiple monitors to display the detailed information you need for each machine, you can have everything that you need in one dashboard.

You can access dashboards that cover Daily Production Review, Plant Management Reviews, and Continuous Improvement analytics. Different dashboards for different purposes, like those available from PerformOEE, mean you can control,  select and report on the most relevant data during meetings or Gemba walks, etc.

Each of your analytics dashboards is easy to navigate and allows you to drill down into the data that you really want to see. Answering any questions that you or any stakeholders have is easier with the information at your fingertips.

Dashboards are particularly useful for presenting information to a manufacturing team in non-technical terms, offering a visual way to display OEE data, from what’s causing poor machine performance to the steps you should take when eliminating waste.

Dashboards are an excellent collaboration tool, enabling you to work together with different teams to measure performance and quality. You can plan projects while also benefiting from the ability to instantly monitor and gain insights into your manufacturing KPIs.

Multiracial engineers looking at OEE dashboard in manufacturing factory

Manage Manufacturing Equipment with Your OEE Dashboard

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the total amount of time that a machine shows productivity. It’s measured in availability, performance, and quality, giving a score that represents how long the machine is truly productive. Displaying these key metrics using an OEE dashboard makes not only measuring OEE possible but also analyzing various factors that can affect it, such as shift patterns or the type of machine. Dashboards give you the ability to analyze effectiveness over multiple machines, look at how effective different operators are, and understand how the whole manufacturing plant is operating too.

OEE dashboards work in real-time, visualizing key data such as downtime, planned production time, planned stops and unplanned stops, quality defects, and much more such as order details, sku, production counts etc. Your plant manager, upper management, operators, and anyone else can see the most up-to-date, relevant data to get complete visibility of what’s really happening on the shop floor in real time.

OEE dashboards can be used to track OEE in a number of ways. Tracking OEE over a certain time frame is just one of the ways dashboards can help with benchmarking progress. It can be used to look at the human-centric data to understand how different people affect OEE through shifts, hours, days, weeks, or other time frames.

Running manual time studies is no longer necessary when you have real-time data that is gathered automatically. Human-centric metrics can be difficult to assess, often containing errors, which makes it more likely for reasons for run time, changeover time, downtime, etc. to be interpreted incorrectly. When data is recorded using technology, including sensors and different devices, the errors inherent in human activity can be reduced. However, human input can still be used to provide a valuable context where necessary.

OEE dashboards allow manufacturing facilities to get the best of both worlds, benefiting from the ability to capture OEE data automatically while also using human data to complete the full picture.

Engineers reviewing data from their OEE dashboard

Improve Manufacturing Productivity

When using OEE dashboards, you can adjust your use to ensure it works for the needs of your facility. One of the things you should be sure to take advantage of is the ability to customize your dashboards to your business’s KPIs and to the end users.

OEE dashboards should also be used to make better decisions across the board. You get real-time data on machine performance and condition, so decision-makers have vital insights into the data that will help them react in a timely manner.

One such example is PerformOEE’s Spotlight. Specifically tailored to suit large screen displays in areas such as production, packaging, maintenance & management team offices, PerformOEE™ Spotlight presents your real-time production performance giving you constant visibility and control of your processes. Delivering clear, concise and meaningful high level views of manufacturing operations, PerformOEE™ Spotlight, provides a valuable window into your asset and production performance. Quickly spot when your process is underperforming, recognise trends and enable the right response from your manufacturing teams by creating a visual factory with PerformOEE™ Spotlight.

OEE dashboards also provide opportunities for continuous improvement. By understanding machine and tool status and performance through simple dashboards, it’s easier to see which changes will really be effective.

3 Manufacturing staff making decisions based on OEE dashboard in their software

Use OEE Dashboards with PerformOEE

PerformOEE presents you with OEE dashboards that set out essential data. Our OEE software empowers you to control, improve, and transform your manufacturing operations with real-time performance data from your tools and machines. Our dashboards visualize your results to make tracking vital data simple and drive continuous improvement in your facility. Using our tools, you can increase your average OEE, increase operational output and increase your overall yield. We can help you to do everything from getting started with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to achieving and continuing optimum performance.

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