What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

The right software for your factory is a game changer when it comes to productivity and performance. Once you have the right tools, you have the ability to optimize everything that you do through close monitoring, quality control, and much more. One of the types of software that you might consider is a Manufacturing Execution System or an MES. This software is designed to optimize the manufacturing process through a number of features that allow you to monitor and control it all. We like to see PerformOEE as an MES Lite, offering some of the key features of these systems. This article will look at what an MES is and does, its benefits, and how PerformOEE compares so that you can make the right choice for your business.

What Is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A manufacturing execution system is a type of software that is designed to help with the management of the production process. MES systems provide tools for tracking, monitoring, documenting, and controlling manufacturing processes so that they can be improved. An MES delivers valuable real-time data that can be used to make better decisions, improve quality control, and increase uptime.

MES software should have several different capabilities that make it possible to monitor and control the entire production process. It should offer:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Quality control and defect tracking
  • Performance analysis and continuous improvement
  • Production scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Inventory management

All of these features allow factory floors to improve operations management.

MES implementation results for juice bottle package production line

How Does an MES Help with the Manufacturing Process?

Manufacturing execution systems deliver multiple benefits to decision-makers, which then translate to the plant floor.

Increased Production Efficiency and Cost Savings

With the data provided by MES solutions, it’s possible to create greater efficiency in production lines. Data provides insights into what can be improved, and what changes can be made to achieve more efficient process control. Greater efficiency means lower expenses. When everything is running more efficiently, less money is spent on keeping everything running.

Better Quality Control

Control over product quality is easier to achieve with manufacturing execution systems. Data is received in real time, which means that any problems can be resolved more quickly. This saves both time and money by reducing waste and other issues.

More Uptime

Keeping the operation production lines running becomes simple with an MES. By generating realistic production schedules and maintenance, the software helps to maximize the utilization of assets to increase uptime.

Reduced Inventory

Supply chain management and inventory management can be improved with the use of manufacturing execution systems MES. Keeping different departments up to date with the materials currently in stock allows for better decision-making about purchasing and more.

Less Paperwork

Creating a paperless shop floor is another benefit of using MES manufacturing systems. Digitizing the collection of data means that paperwork can be eliminated. The data is available in real time to decision-makers instead, so that they can make decisions more quickly.

Better Product Tracking

By following all production processes from start to finish, an MES can help with improving regulatory compliance. Manufacturing data can easily be attached to final parts or batches to make it easy to track and reference anything.

Review of juice bottle package production with Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The Difference Between an MES and Enterprise Resource Planning System

One thing to consider is the difference between manufacturing execution systems and other systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. MES sometimes offer ERP integration so that you can benefit from both types of software at the same time, but they’re not exactly the same.

Firstly, the functionality of an MES and an ERP is different. An ERP system is focused on scheduling and quantitative analysis. Meanwhile, an MES provides process control systems for the shop floor so that the production line can be managed in real time.

Another difference is that a manufacturing execution system delivers real-time data, while an ERP gives a more general report from a specified period of time, whether it is a day, week, month, or year.

Finally, an MES is usually integrated with the machines on the shop floor. However, an ERP system features no such integration and is instead generally integrated with other software, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools or marketing tools.

MES and ERP systems can be integrated so that they work together and can provide the benefits of both.

How Does PerformOEE Compare to Manufacturing Execution Systems?

At OEEsystems, we like to see our software as something of an “MES Lite”. That means that we offer some of the core functionalities of a manufacturing execution system as the strong capabilities of our Business Performance Management Tool. The key functions and benefits offered by an MES that are also delivered by PerformOEE include real-time data to provide visibility, quality control and tracking of defects, and performance analysis and continuous improvement.

PerformOEE offers a range of functionality to make it the preferred choice for real-time operational performance improvement management for many businesses. PerformOEE is deployed in Discrete, Batch, and Continuous manufacturing processes. We offer three versions of our OEE Software,Optima, Maxima, and Ultima. Each is specifically tailored to enable you to take Control of your processes, Drive Continuous Improvement & Transform your Manufacturing Operations.

We can meet the requirements of all users, including entry-level and advanced users, as well as those working within regulatory environments.

Our software can automatically collect data from equipment controllers, providing real-time information about what’s happening on the factory floor. With our Operator user interface, you also have the ability to augment the data and get feedback on manufacturing performance. Automating data makes it simple to collect, in addition to increasing accuracy and saving time. With our connectivity options, even older machines can provide valuable data that gives you insights into your daily operations.

Tracking output in real time is simple with PerformOEE. Our software offers the functionality to monitor output over the course of a shift and track against hourly targets. Additionally, it tracks losses that result from yield problems, scrap, and rework, with reporting on Cost of Quality and the costs associated with losses. Tracking performance and quality control is also possible with customized checklists and compliance quality checks. These are the same core features you can receive from an MES, saving you time and money.

Performance analysis and continuous improvement are within reach when using PerformOEE. Staying on top of performance and finding ways to keep making improvements is crucial for operations management. Performance trends are provided with PerformOEE so that you can closely monitor patterns in the overall performance, in addition to viewing real-time data as it comes in. Thanks to comparative analysis charts, you can learn more about differences in performance and their causes, with insights into which lines are performing best and which ones need to improve. Our highly visual system makes all of your data accessible and easy to read so that you can clearly see your processes, losses, and potential areas of improvement.

Performance alerts from the ‘ActNow’ function mean that you are notified of any performance issues straight away. These alerts can take the form of an alarm shown on the screen or can be combined with ‘MyAlert’ to create alerts that are sent via SMS or email. ActNow tracks performance in real time and sends alerts when pre-set limits are breached so that action can be taken to maintain OEE performance levels. These alerts can be filtered so that they are sent to the right people and action can be taken as soon as possible.

Like an MES, PerformOEE can be integrated with ERP systems, as well as with APS (advanced planning and scheduling), CMMS & QMS systems. This helps to maximize the performance and efficiency of all three systems by ensuring they all work together.

Juice bottle package production line review after Manufacturing Execution System iimplementation

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations with PerformOEE

PerformOEE is capable of many of the things that manufacturing execution systems are used for. If you are looking for software that provides some of the core functionalities of an MES while also maintaining OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), PerformOEE is the tool that you are looking for. Our software is a leaner option compared to an MES, which is still packed with functionality and provides the perfect solution for continuous improvement.

PerformOEE is highly configurable, enabling you to use it in ways that suit you. You can customize dashboards and reports to suit the needs of your business, as well as receive new releases of the software to stay up to date with customer needs and industry trends. As a modular system, PerformOEE can scale with your business, providing you with a starter system or offering more advanced functionality for an established business. You can even start your OEE Journey with PerformOEE™ by just monitoring one machine or one line at a time, scaling your plantwide rollout to suit your needs and your schedule.

If you are looking for a manufacturing execution system, PerformOEE could be an alternative that meets all of your needs. Our software offers some of the core functions of an MES with greater flexibility for those looking to achieve greater visibility and efficiency. PerformOEE enables your business to obtain optimum efficiency and continually improve, delivering real-time data that helps you to make better decisions. Additionally, you will receive a speedy return on your investment, with many of our customers seeing Improvement of up to 30%. Get in touch to find out more about how PerformOEE can help.