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PerformOEE™ Software is for Maintenance Technicians

Would it help you if . . .
Real-time data collection from machines, lines and processes could distinguish between equipment reliability issues and process related issues.
Information collected is categorized by Reason and Function of the equipment.


Real-time Equipment Reliability & Performance Data

Real-time data collection of alarms, warnings and settings from machines, lines and processes provides detailed and accurate equipment reliability information.

The information collected is categorized by reason and function of the equipment and kept historically feeding analytical and trend reports.

Live Maintenance Focused Display Screens

Full live visibility of all equipment status highlighting poor performance, excessive unplanned issues, monitoring continuous process control which enables you to react in a timely manner and plan early intervention to avoid losses.

Continuous Process Control can be used as a predictive tool to give advanced warning of potential issues.

Breach Management highlights persistent offenders that can then be the subject of proactive intervention.

Capability to record issue related Shift Log Notes and Actions as well as potential integration with your CMMS.

Maintenance Focused Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Using Maintenance Dashboard for standard reviews you will easily identify your top issues and develop an approach, process and rationale across the team to agree priorities in terms of issue fixing and project deployment.

Maximize uptime and keep disruptions to a minimum by tracking equipment performance and reliability trends with accurate MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) & MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) information at your finger tips.

Capability to run a set of Maintenance/Engineering reports for more detailed analytics.

Gaining Time to be More Proactive

As you go from an environment of being reactive to being more proactive, you and your team create time to concentrate on opportunities and technologies that will make a very positive impact on Operations.

Software Features for Maintenance Technicians

Automated Collection of Alarms,
Warnings & Settings from Equipment
MTBF & MTTR Metrics
Live Shopfloor
Line Status View
Process Control
Breach Management
Shift Log
Notes Recording
Shift Log
Notes Reporting
CMMS Integration
Historical & Trend
Analytical Reporting
& Preventative Actions
Corrective &
Preventative Actions Tracking
Live Process/ Line Condition
& Predictive Issues
Loss Detailed Drilldown
Trends & Analytics
Technician Instructions
APQ & OEE Analysis
by Process
Changeover Matrix
& Turnaround Time Analysis
Performance Losses
OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency)
Automated Email Reporting
OEE Pareto
Tracking Planned
and To-Go Quantities
Throughput and
Output Tracking
Short Interval
Quality Compliance
Start-up Rejects
Scrap Recording

OEE Software Testimonials

In all, we achieved a 29% increase in output and a corresponding 20% increase in OEE. This success led us to implement PerformOEE™ across all our lines.

Rob George, Asset Care Manager,
CooperVision UK

OEE Software Case Study

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Our OEE score has increased by more than 10% and is on track to deliver the same again over the next twelve months.

Pete Twiss, Site Manager,
Müller Wiseman Dairies

OEE Software Case Study

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