Operational Excellence Software for Global Operations | PerformOEE™

PerformOEE™ Software is for Global Operations

Would it help you if . . .

You could provide a comprehensive OEE solution for all your manufacturing plants enabling them to drive improvements and allowing you to agree and monitor the standards.

Operational Excellence Software for Global Operations | PerformOEE™

Instilling a Pro-Active Improvement Culture across all Facilities

PerformOEE™ highlights process issues in real-time enabling your facilities to make the right response. 

Combining the Science of Manufacturing principles of “Follow the Data”, “Whole Story” and “Act on the Data” your facilities have the tools to identify and work on the issues that will have a positive and measurable impact.

With Shift Handover, Daily Operations, Engineering, Quality, Management and Continuous Improvement Dashboards available, you and your facilities have instant monitoring and insights into your Manufacturing KPIs.

Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0

For most manufacturing facilities, OEE is at the heart of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. This is because it combines Technical Innovation and Cultural Development resulting in quantifiable productivity improvements.

As you learn and evolve you can begin to start looking at the different Digital Transformation Technologies driven by verifiable data related to your manufacturing KPIs and therefore will have a real added benefit to your business.

Agree, Monitor and Review KPIs

Use PerformOEE as your standard to increase capacity, reduce costs, improve quality and drive Continuous Improvement across your facilities.

Agree standards for OEE, TEEP and OLE across your facilities. Monitor and review a global review dashboard that highlights opportunities.

Understand capabilities across all your facilities and use this information as part of Supply Chain Planning, Resource Allocation and New Product Introduction.

Software Features for Global Operations

Industry 4.0
Trends & Analytics
Historical & Trend
APQ & OEE Analysis
by Plant
TEEP, OEE Gross & OEE Nett Models
OEE Pareto
OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency)
Financial Analysis
Departmental Review
Loss Detailed Drilldown
Trends & Analytics
Performance Losses
Process Control
Changeover Matrix
& Turnaround Time Analysis
Live Process/ Line Condition
& Predictive Issues
Live Status View
Breach Management
Real-time Collection of Rejects,
Alarms, Warnings & Settings
Short Interval
In Process Reject
Start-up Reject
Scrap Recording
Quality Compliance
Shift Log
Notes Recording
Shift Log
Notes Reporting
& Preventative Actions
Corrective &
Preventative Actions Tracking
Technician Instructions
Automated Email Reporting
Tracking Planned
and To-Go Quantities
Throughput and
Output Tracking

OEE Software Testimonials

In all, we achieved a 29% increase in output and a corresponding 20% increase in OEE. This success led us to implement PerformOEE™ across all our lines.

Rob George, Asset Care Manager,
CooperVision UK

OEE Software Case Study

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Our OEE score has increased by more than 10% and is on track to deliver the same again over the next twelve months.

Pete Twiss, Site Manager,
Müller Wiseman Dairies

OEE Software Case Study

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